By innovating, sharing knowledge and working together, we accelerate the adoption of precision agriculture. In doing so, VDBORNE Campus is accelerating the agriculture of the future.

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The campus enables you to become one of the leaders in precision agriculture and teaches you how to become and stay future-proof. To this end, we have high-quality research facilities, a network of experts and offer knowledge programs, courses, training and tours.

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We develop, test, demonstrate and validate new innovations in precision agriculture to accelerate adoption. To this end, we offer flexible work and meeting spaces, high-quality demo fields and active support for entrepreneurs through coaching, business development and projects.

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The VDBORNE Campus is the hub for developing, sharing and disseminating hands-on knowledge and intelligence on precision agriculture that really moves the sector forward. We offer high-quality research facilities, a network of experts and knowledge programmes, both collaborative and 1:1 coaching and consultancy.

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Smarter farming, so how do you do it? The Smart Farming Academy is a training program in which farmers develop new knowledge about precision agriculture. The program is interactive and consists of a mix of online webinars, e-learning and practical days. Using the four seasons as a basis, you learn how to apply precision agriculture.

We are temporarily providing one-year memberships worth €50 for free. So be quick and brush up on your knowledge for free!

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